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Howdy! Happy Monday to you! How are you? Hanging in – literally? Another week with a shelter in place; another week to continue trusting the process, staying informed yet not letting the media/social media consume you or your mindset, and just looking forward to brighter days filled with sunshine, normalcy, and getting a manicure, pedicure, and, yes, waxing’s! No, I am not vain at all; it’s all about maintenance!! 

I think I have shared before that there is not much more organizing I can do, especially now. I am pretty neat and organized to begin with, and this extra times has not helped. I think I finished the very last closet I could a couple weeks ago. Mind you, it didn’t even need to be organized but I did it anyway. What I am going through, though, are all of the pictures/video that I have kept over the last 6+ months. Yes, they were all organized, too, (imagine that) BUT I still had a LOT in reserve.

I came across this video (below) that is a throwback from November 2019 when I was asked to speak to a marketing class at Loyola University. Ah, simpler days! . Anyway, this was the 1st time I had watched it in its entirety since the presentation. I always have to step away from things for a bit before I view them…like my pictures and videos! After watching it, though, I thought it kind of hit home.


I have been seeing a lot of buzz on social media lately about how working from home is as EASY as the life of an influencer/blogger. While this is only one of the entrepreneurial hats I wear, I did want to share what, actually, goes into the day to day tasks of becoming a reputable influencer…and this, in my opinion, is just the start & bare minimum.

While the video is a little over 30 minutes, if you just want to see what my average day looks like, you can speed it up to the 17:43 marker.

Bottom line, my philosophy is pretty simple. Do what you love; love what you do; and, if it provides you a lifestyle that is Fit4You, then why not?!?! Maybe the reason why there are so many comments about this being a REAL or ACTUAL job comes from a place of jealousy? Not being happy themselves? Who knows! Regardless, I am proud of what I do, and look forward to where this takes me, even if it is a little messy and complicated at times!

Enjoy, stay healthy, and stay at home! See, you will have extra time to watch this video! Ha!


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