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Mother’s Day Gift Giving Inspo


Happy Monday Gorgeous! Hope this week inspires you to be your absolute BEST self, and live each day to the absolute fullest! I know I need to check myself every now and again; life right now seems to be taking me in so many different directions. Yes, its all good, great, and amazing things BUT […]

Spring Skincare Must Haves


Morning, and Happy Easter weekend! Oh, and maybe I should mention it is Matt and I’s one year Anniversary tomorrow. So incredibly crazy (and surreal) how fast time goes, and it has been ONE YEAR. However you are celebrating this weekend, I hope it is truly AMAZING! With the seasons turning, and the itch for […]

My Skincare Regime


Hey there you gorgeous human! How you doin’? Have you had an amazing week? Has it been filled with all things “Fit4You?” Life has been filled 100% crazy lately, and I cannot wait to be away for 2 weeks in beautiful St. Maarten! My happy place! We were lucky enough to get away back in […]

Big Hair, Don’t Care!


Okay, seriously, how is it already Thursday? I know time goes by fast but, really, time goes by fast. This time last week I was chilling in North Carolina and, since then, I have been back, had 2 photo sessions, acclimated myself to being in Baltimore (ha!), and, here we are, almost to the weekend. […]

Don’t Be Scared; It’s Just a Hydrafacial!


This post is in collaboration with Elizabeth Jacob’s Spa & Salon in Parkton, Maryland. Happy Friday the 13th beautiful! No, no I am not superstitious by any means but I thought it was so incredibly fitting to lead with that title today, especially since I get a lot of “omgosh, this treatment looks scary.” I can […]

My Makeup Travel Essentials


Howdy! And I am not quite sure where “howdy” came from either. Sending you all the positive vibes for a fabulous Tuesday! Yes, I hope it includes some yummy tacos as well! 🙂 That reminds me; I need to get back on my recipe game ASAP. It is has felt way too long, yet so […]

How To Stay Fabulous All Summer Long


Let me just say, you are already FABULOUS! I felt like I needed to reiterate that since the title may feel a bit off putting. The things that I worry about! Happy Tuesday gorgeous – well, at least I think it is Tuesday. Today is my first “real” day back from being away for 10 […]

Let’s Talk Sunscreen!


Howdy you! Hope your Tuesday is just downright stellar! I am writing to you from what feels like a 100+ degree and humid day in good ole Baltimore. Ugh, just miserable. Hey, I like warm weather but this is just oppressive! Boo! Thought I would keep the trend going in regards to warm weather and […]

My Beauty Travel Must Haves


Ooh, Tuesday, you are looking so incredibly gorgeous! Okay I may not be telling the absolute truth on that one; it has been pouring ALL DAY. In my defense, I am trying to stay positive. I am, currently, hanging in between takes of a Koons Automotive commercial so, yes, feeling so incredibly gorgeous! You want […]

Bluemercury Shopping Party


Happy Thursday and, although dreary, at least it is that much closer to the weekend. Rumor has it that it is going to feel HOT, HOT, HOT but at least the sun is out…and who else is ready to see it? One of the things I love this time of year are all the fabulous […]