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My Skincare Regime


Hey there you gorgeous human! How you doin’? Have you had an amazing week? Has it been filled with all things “Fit4You?” Life has been filled 100% crazy lately, and I cannot wait to be away for 2 weeks in beautiful St. Maarten! My happy place! We were lucky enough to get away back in October for about a week but this time it will, truly, be relaxation…and SO NEEDED. Sorry, not sorry, if this sounds a bit obnoxious. I highly recommend you take a two week vacation at some point. It, truly, is amazing and after your 1st week you know you have another week to continue to decompress. Today I am going back in the archives to chat about one of my favorite things – beauty products. Yes, I know I have many but for those who know me know that my face and body care routine is an absolute must- me and my dang sensitive skin – and today I am going back to 2020 where I am talking about my skincare regime. Believe it or not, everything is exactly the same from 2 years ago. Yes, I am a big believer of not fixing something that is not broken!

I tell everyone who will listen to me – ha – how religious I am about my skincare regime. It is one of those dealbreakers in my life, LOL. And my boyfriend comes in at a close 2nd. Okay, KIDDING. Yes, I invest a LOT of money in products, facials, treatments, etc., because I believe that much in making my natural state look the best it can be, sensitive skin and all! FYI: I have not had any cosmetic work done. I was recently asked by someone who does my fillers (I hope she was not disappointed when I said I don’t). I am really lucky to have an esthetician as a business manager because I get introduced and exposed to some of the latest and the greatest. Plus, being a guinea pig is not so bad either!

While the 2 companies for skincare I am touting are a Swiss-based, high-end, brand called Paul Scerri and, the other, a well-known nationally recognized company, Dermalogica, I do recommend you going with a line that works for you, your skin type, and your budget. Find an esthetician in your area that comes with high regard, or even your dermatologist to get the ball rolling. I adore these products BUT it has been trial and error over the last 5 or so years to get the right combination too.

For the body products, I have linked those for you below and where you can purchase! 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Kiehl’s “Creme de Corp”

Glytone KP Kit

Avene Trixera & Avene XeraCalm

Face & Body Care