Living In Athleisure


Good Sunday Morning to you and yours! I hope your day is filled with nothing less than positive, good vibes, and spending these last few weeks of Summer doing something FUN! It’s crazy we are headed into September this week, and the “back to school” routines are in full swing! Everyone I talk to seems to feel the same way – August was a definite blur. Although, as I am sure you know where I am headed with this convo, I could do without this oppressive heat and humidity. But let’s talk about less of that and more about how I feel I have been living in athleisure lately.

It’s kind of too fold for me; in the midst of the pandemic, athleisure was trending like never before. Designers were launching ahtleisure lines and making working from home be comfortable and trendy at the same time. The only (potential) downfall – it can give a false sense of your waistline. Eek. I know, I went there, and the hard truth sucks. Although I want to keep this post fashion related, if I can give you any advice when it comes to keeping yourself in check, make sure you slip out of those favorite joggers, sweats, and tees, and give some of those fabulous pre-Covid 19 pieces in your wardrobe a whirl! No scales please! 

Alright, so now that I said to alternate those joggers and tees with your business casual wear, let’s talk about joggers and tees – ha! Yes, way to go there Janine! Today, I am touting my living in athleisure look, and how you can stay looking stylish and comfortable on (some) days of the week. Does that seem better (LOL)? While I have a handful of joggers I rotate through either post workout, to see clients, or even just to lounge on the weekend, I, generally, gravitate towards one of my favorite brands from Nordstrom – Zella. 

Even though their joggers are more of my preference, you can get anything from sportswear and sports bras, to sweatshirts, jackets, accessories, and much more! My go-to pair is their “Live In Jogger” Pants. They come in 4 different colors and, honestly, you could have one in each and they will look totally different. FYI: They are a great deal on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and while you will have to wait until next Summer to snag, definitely keep an eye out for sales throughout the year.


I purchased the black pair last year, and just grabbed the navy one this past August. As you can see, I paired with a fun athletic top from Lululemon (which I have in 2 colors) and these fabulous pair of sneakers from the designer “P448.” I don’t know about you but I think the sneakers just complete the entire look (and they are on sale too, and true to size).

Another pair that I tried out this year comes from the same family but with the addition of pockets. Plus, I just adored the camo print that continues to be the fashion trend. These “Live In Pocket Joggers” have a dressier look and feel then the navy ones I showcased yet still super versatile. I could see this with a cute, solid tee or tank with a fun jacket that added a pop of color.


I went for the graphic tee option which gave it a totally different and fun look too! Well, that is coming from me at least!

Both the “Live In Joggers” and Live In Pocket Joggers” are high rise and fit pretty true to size. I am 5’6 with an athletic, curvy figure and I wear a size small.

Here’s to a comfy, casual, and stylish Sunday living in athleisure. Tomorrow, we will get back to work wear…or maybe just one more day of joggers and tees!


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