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Microneedling 101


Yes, please share; I am looking for a tutorial on microneedling! Okay, okay I am joking but I am a newbie to all of this AND, well, I am just LOVING IT. I may have even put a schedule together on when this process should go down. Yes, a process but it is so worth it!

This is, definitely, a trending topic in the beauty world. I have been reading up on this for some time, and when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – this past August – showcased the BeautyBio “GloPRO” BODY MicroTip attachment, it was just the nudge I needed to purchase the facial tool. FYI: You need to purchase the facial system in order to use other attachments.

As I have shared, and just recently too, I am obsessed with my skin! I get regular facials & peels, and, no, I have not done anything BEYOND that point. No botox, no nothing. I am not opposed to botox but, right now, as long as I can maintain my beauty regime, sans needles, I will be happy. Well, the kind of needles I am talking about today. The minute you start, it becomes a vicious cycle. Again, I am not opposed to getting “work” done but not right now, and nothing crazy if/when I do. Botox and other skin treatments may be as far as I will go! I will keep you posted. Luckily, my Dad’s European roots have given me really good skin!

The BeautyBio “GloPRO” line is AMAZING! The idea behind microneedling is to stimulate the skin, deep down into the epidermis, to improve collagen, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, have softer, smoother skin, and have your skincare work even better for you! Yes, better absorption, for sure!

Here is the GloPRO FACE tool with MicroTip attachment…


It is recommended to do this process at night, for 60 seconds, at least 3x per week but you can do more if you feel your skin is responding well! I, usually, do in the morning just because it is on my mind and I am TIRED at night. I, also, go for 60 seconds per area I am working for a little more “oomph.”The reason behind evening is due to the potential redness and irritation that may take place, and sleeping will allow any inflammation be reduced and skin renewed.

This goes for using the MicroTip attachments on your face, your body, and/or your eyes! With my skin being sensitive, I have tried the skin prep pad and eye brighteners that came with my set, in addition to “The Sculptor” Body Lotion not shown here. I have been able to play around with some of my products that I know will not irritate even more and/or make me break out. So far, so good! Again, customize this based on what works the best for YOU and YOUR skin!

While I have not been as consistent as I would like to be – hence my schedule – I look forward to reporting back the longer term results! One thing I do tend to see is slight break outs a day or two after but then they subside quickly. This is normal, and to be expected, since you are manipulating the skin and bringing anything underneath the skin to the surface.

Okay, you ready to have younger looking, firmer, and tighter skin? What about less fine lines and wrinkles? Here [below] are all of the items that I have for your review/purchase. Btw, I think this would be a GREAT gift for that person in your life who is obsessed with skin health!

Now, this is a self care Saturday night for you, right? I would love to know your thoughts on Microneedling. The good, the not so good, and just your overall opinion!


GloPRO Pack N’ Glow Microneedling Set

GloPRO Body MicroTip Attachment & Body Cream Set

P.S. Content was researched on the BeautyBio website!

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