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My Birthday Wish


How am I 35 already? I can continue to ask myself this very question – ALL DAY – but won’t that take away from the Birthday festivities? Although I am not in California (this has been the trend over the last few years), and I am not able to throw that big bash that I so hoped to be having (hopefully, next year), I am taking today to remind myself that the best is yet to come.

Since getting divorced, I have felt that I am in this holding pattern with my life. While things around me are continuing to push forward, I still feel like I should be somewhere different at this point in time. Kind of crazy, I know but I would venture to say this is a pretty “normal” thought process.

What are these so called “rules” that I am following?

Over my 35 years, the biggest “ah ha” for me came to this understanding that these “rules” are nothing more than the story I tell myself. The story of “what was”and “what could have been” had felt like the plague. I will admit, they still kind of do, but it is meeting them with the understanding that they are my own believes.

“What was” and “what could have been” was not what I was destined for in my life. Now, more than ever, I realize that my past life was not meant for me. As hard/painful as this process has been, there was a life lesson that happened, and continues to happen, and one that I take to heart every single day. I know, a little heavy on my Birthday.

More than ever, I know what I want in 2021, and what I deserve. Yes, if I go back over the last few years, I see that I say this a lot. For some reason, this year feels REALLY different. My heart and my gut are telling me to hang tight. All of your dreams are going to happen; maybe not all at once but the path will be clearer more than ever!

Age is just a number; while I feel like I am getting “old,” this may be the most pivotal point in my life! And, THAT, is what I need to focus on & embrace. As I mentioned before, I believe the best is yet to come in my heart, my gut, and soul…and I will go with it! Because it has not been wrong in a long time! AND, no, Covid was not something I ever dreamed of happening!

Cheers to a fabulous weekend, letting age be simply a number, and being truly grateful for all of the love, and support, over this last year!

Now, who wants to join me in double fisting with coffee & Veuve? Because that is what you do on your Birthday! 


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