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My Canada Roots


This is the perfect time to be talking about this jacket, especially with the impending snow later this weekend. Even though I am able to work, virtually, snow, UGH. It’s pretty, and fun, but Baltimore does not seem to be able to handle. One good thing – with the weather being downright COLD, I am looking forward to wearing this beauty of a jacket. Not only is it stylish, and ridiculously warm, it makes me feel that much closer to my Canada “roots.”

If you are Canadian, you may be thinking that I was going to be talking about the store, Roots. If you have never been, it is a must to check out. While I am not from Canada, my Dad lived there until he married my Mom in 1981, and most of his family still lives there now. Btw, my parents are going to have their 40th Wedding Anniversary this year and, AHH, they are AMAZING!!! Seriously, my sister and I are the luckiest girls EVER!

Canada holds a special place in my heart. I have such fond memories of visiting my grandparents in Toronto, in their fabulous high rise, shopping downtown, embracing the sights, and immersing myself in the Canadian culture. I always felt like it was a higher end New York City, and the fashion realm was a step or two ahead of the states. For instance, this Canada Goose I am showcasing.

I was introduced to this brand when I was in Canada, about, 5+ years ago. It was a fabulous look – of course I loved it – but was weary of purchasing since the temperatures do not seem to get as cold here, in Maryland, than up north. As it started to get super trendy in the states, I knew I had to jump on it.

My hope was to have this before I went to Denver in early January. I guess it was a good thing that it came when I was away; it was in the high 40’s, low 50’s, and definitely not needed while I was there. Canada-Roots

Originally, I had my eye on one of their cute, short bomber jackets but then decided that their “Shelburne Genuine Coyote Fur Trim Down Parka” seemed like the best choice! And, in 5 different colors, red just spoke to me! So rich, so warm, so Canada Goose.

Now I want to be in Mont Tremblant, where snow is the regular, the cozy fires are roaring, ski’ing is all the rage, and feeling stylish in parkas is nothing less than trendy!

Happy Friday! Hope your day is fantastic, and your weekend even better. You so deserve it!