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Stylish In Saucony


Hello Wednesday! Here’s to the mid-week hustle, and the countdown to the weekend is underway! Really, today feels like it should be Friday, or at least Saturday. Yesterday, felt like such an incredibly long day, although it wrapped a whole lot earlier than anticipated! P.S. So excited to share, SOON, the project I worked on and what I, hope, will lead to future opportunities as well! Yes, you need to get excited, HA! Switching gears! Today, I am talking about feeling stylish in Saucony, and why these are my favorite shoes!

Let me clarify that last statement; these are my favorite ATHLETIC shoes! While I do find myself throwing them on a lot, there is something about feeling stylish when working out, or just running errands, that is a must!

Hence, feeling stylish in Saucony!

While Saucony has been in my repertoire in years past, it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I went to get fitted at my local running storeFYI: go do this for yourself rather than trying to pick shoes on your own, regardless if you are a runner – and they suggested the “Freedom Iso” series. This was, especially, key since I was coming off 2 sprained ankles and I needed a lot of stability, coupled with comfort. 

When I say I purchased them in a handful of colors, I, ABSOLUTELY, purchased them in a handful of colors.

Yes, you need many colors to feel stylish in Saucony!

At the time, I was doing a lot of Orangetheory – I have since gone back to working out at home – so I was mixing high impact, with low impact. After 4-5 pairs (I am religious about changing my shoes every 5-6 months, and not wearing the same ones every day), I ventured to 2 different styles – the Endorphin Speed (as shown in the picture) & Endorphin Shift. Both have been awesome, and so versatile too!

Here is a breakdown of what (and when) I use them. Again, these are my opinions ONLY!

Freedom Iso – Great, all around, cross trainer that provides amazing cushioning, support, and stability. I would not go any longer than 5-6 miles in them at a given time but they are fantastic for sprints, rowing, strength training, etc.

Endorphin Speed – I find these awesome for sprinting; the speed roll technology is amazing which helps give you that “oomph” as you are outside on the track or indoors on a treadmill. And SO COMFORTABLE too! Oh, and how fun are the colors too?!?!

Endorphin Shift – While these can be used for sprinting/running/high impact, I find I prefer these for walking and strength training. They sit up a bit higher on my ankles so they, definitely, give me support & cushioning!

Now, don’t you want to go grab a few pairs and get MOVING?!?!