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A Denver Surprise


Good Morning, and here’s hoping that this week is going to be pretty FANTASTIC! The only thing that could put a big damper on it all – the weather! I guess we have been fairly lucky in Baltimore so far. The snow/ice have been minimal, and it is January after all. The one nice thing about living a year in the virtual realm is that life does not need to be put on hold when inclement weather hits. It has become an “easy” pivot (at least, I have felt that way and, no, it is still not 100% easy). But I am not here to talk about the weather! Today, I want to share about a Denver surprise that happened this past weekend!

It’s awkward for me to even been calling my sister a “Denver surprise” but that is that best way of saying it. My sister booked a last minute trip to Baltimore this past weekend and, yes, it was very much a surprise. I did get the heads up a few days before, and I graciously asked that she share with my parents. Do I like surprises? Sure! Is it hard for me to keep a surprise? No, not at all but life has me going in 20 different directions and, well, that felt like another weight. Plus, as a family, we have been through a lot, and I thought a “Denver surprise” a few days early would be good for my parents. You know, anticipation and something to look forward to, especially since we decided to cancel our 2-week trip to St. Maarten (which would have started this coming Saturday) until the Fall.

Yes, this Denver surprise came at a great time, and it could not have worked out better!

There is a seven year age difference between my sister, Nikki, and I. As you can imagine, our stages of life have come at 2 very different times, and our relationship has been “okay.” I went to college as she was going into middle school. She was graduating high school, and off to college at the University of Oregon, when I was getting married. She started dating her now husband, Ryan, and planning a Wedding, as I was going through one of the hardest times in my life – getting divorced & trying to put myself back out there. Since Summer of 2019, she has lived out in Denver with her husband & French Bulldog and has a life of her own.

We get along (for the most part – ha) when we are together, although we greatly differ in our opinions at times. She can throw it down more than I can and, when you are playing Cards Against Humanity, she has you wondering if you are naive or living under a rock for most of your life. Btw, if you have never played that game, you really should! It never gets old and, if you want a really good laugh, expect one!

I keep being told that, as you get older, you get closer, and that age difference is not even a factor. While I don’t look at our age as being 7 years apart, it’s still hard for me to believe she is 28, married, talking about purchasing a house, having kids, etc. I am the first to admit that I have held Nikki & Ryan at an arms length. It’s been hard for me to watch their love story unfold, and my so called love story FOLD. Like a cheap suit. It has been a process, and I am getting better, but I am putting all of the blame on myself. There are two parties involved.

One day, maybe we will be those sister’s who call/text each other a handful of times a week. As we get older, our lines of communication need to get better…if we want them to get better. Things need to be said; a discussion of the last 10+ years needs to be had. Put it all out there. Start fresh.

Time will tell; more growth & more soul searching, for sure.

This was, definitely, not meant to get heavy on a Monday! LOL! Hope you have a fantastic week! Here’s to family! No matter how close, or how far away, they are FAMILY!