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Why Elizabeth Jacob is My Favorite Spa in Baltimore

Are you as excited as I am that it is Friday?!?! Although all my days seem to run together, and my weekends look like my weekdays, there is still something about saying it is Friday that is just AMAZING. What’s even better is that we are slowly checking the boxes in January, and moving that much closer to Spring weather. I super pumped to be talking beauty, wellness, and pampering today, and I SO NEED IT. It has been another week, and I need to de-stress a bit, and I am looking forward to doing so at my favorite Baltimore establishment – Elizabeth Jacob Spa & Salon!

Elizabeth Jacob Spa & Salon is located in a rural area of Baltimore County – think trails, foliage, a river, etc. – that is far enough away from the city that you, immediately, feel a sense of calm when you walk through the doors. I love when businesses have character to their “4 walls;” I mean, how cute is this house? It’s warm, cozy, and just brings me peace every time I go for a treatment.



While I have only ever experienced the spa portion, and what I will be sharing today, the salon at Elizabeth Jacob is touted as one of the best in the Baltimore area, and the highly talented stylists keep a robust, and healthy, clientele that have been going there since it’s conception. Additionally, you can make it a complete “one stop shop” by scheduling a manicure and/or pedicure, and get your makeup done too! Take a peek, HERE, for more information on all of the services provided!


As I mentioned, the extent of my services have only included massage therapy, and the use of their sauna, but it will, soon, include facials and waxing’s for me as well! In case you did not know, I am super regimented when it comes to my skincare routine, and not every product I use is a good fit. While I am dedicated to one line, I do love adding in a few different ones here and there as added bonuses. While I have sampled some of the Glo Skin Beauty line that they use for facials & to purchase, I look forward to seeing how it can compliment my current routine!


The 1st floor is home to the salon portion, while the upstairs is dedicated to massage, body treatments, facials, waxing’s, and sauna services. The high ceilings, earth tone colored walls, wood accents, greens, and appropriately designed furniture make this space so inviting. I love taking some time in their sitting area; I can get in my zen, alongside a cozy (gas) fireplace.


Most recently, I have added the sauna before my 90 minute massage. I like to think of it as a good primer for your post-massage hair! Case in point the picture, above! It has really contributed to making my massage even more effective – owner Amy Henneman is my massage therapist and she is FABULOUS.


It’s a great way to warm up the muscles, detox, relieve stress, and, honestly, just chill before the real relaxing! Plus, ever since I sprained my ankles a few years ago, the sauna has been incredibly helpful with reducing inflammation and water retention as well.

Elizabeth-Jacob-SaunaAs a health and wellness professional, I am a firm believer in when you “look good, you feel good,” and “when you feel good,” you just have a completely different confidence about you. While a massage, facial, or even manicure/pedicure can feel like a luxury, I want you to reframe that mindset and view it as part of your physical and mental wellness. Yes, it comes with a monetary expense but think of the amazing benefits it has to you, your wellness, and overall mindset.

It’s powerful, and it’s an investment to yourself.

What could be better? 

If you live in the Baltimore area, I cannot tout this wonderful establishment enough! Just as their mission statement says – “their highest level of service will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and will have you coming back for more!”