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Boozy Hot Chocolate


While “Boozy Hot Chocolate” is nothing new, after a recent trip to a local winery in the beginning of January, I was very intrigued to recreate this drink that some family members tried out. Although I did not taste, and, as we know, sweets are not my thing, I could only imagine the awesomeness. Rich, dark chocolate, paired with high quality cordials and, yeah, who would not love? With temps being super cold this weekend, and upwards of 12 inches of snow in the forecast, this was the PERFECT post dinner treat next to a roaring fire.

Many say that they do not like to mix high quality liquor in cocktails. It gets “lost,” not worth the price, you cannot tell the difference, etc. I am, definitely, not part of that group. I am all about drinking what you like, and if that means using the best in your cocktail, then so be it! Honestly, I am not very well versed in brandy so I left it up to my local wine store who suggested Fundador. For boozy hot chocolate, the higher quality, the better! Btw, please use whatever you have on hand! I am, simply, sharing my thoughts on what I used! As for the port, another recommendation was the “Warre’s”  with a “you will be back for more.”

I wanted to keep this recipe fairly simple – few ingredients and not a “hot mess.” Making hot chocolate from scratch is so much better than buying that childhood “Swiss Miss” favorite. For my “milk” I decided to use Oat. One of the main reasons is because it gives a sweeter taste without using regular milk, and I have been on an oat milk latte kick lately. While I do indulge in my favorite dairy products – I love half and half in my coffee, and yummy cheeses – I am beginning to think that dairy is doing a number on my allergies/sinuses. And, with these symptoms being very similar to Covid symptoms, I don’t want to continue to be like “wtf.” Yes, long winded answer to why I am using Oat Milk – dairy and gluten free!

As for the chocolate, I toyed around with a couple options. I ended up with a local company called “Jinji” that serves nothing but high quality chocolates and pure decadence. They have a liquid dark chocolate that comes in a pouch, and is perfect to mix in cold & hot beverages. Voila! 2 ingredients + booze = a fabulous boozy hot chocolate! My recommendation – start conservative with the chocolate. As you mix with the simmered milk, taste and add accordingly! I like the fact this is not overly sweet; a nice balance of bitter and sweetness.

*If you want to make ahead, if you were serving a crowd, add the liquid chocolate to the oat milk, combine, and keep in fridge. When it is time to serve, pour mixture in pan to heat up!

Hope you enjoy! Remember, drink responsibly and in moderation! If you like this, take a peek HERE at another, recent “cold weather” cocktail I, recently, shared on my blog!

Happy Last Day of January too!