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My Morning Routine


What up Saturday? How are you doing on this, once again, steamy, humid, hot, chance of thunderstorm kind of day? Hey, at least it is the weekend, right? Although today was an “up and at em” kind of morning, I did want to give you a bit of an inside peek at my morning routine, which includes my favorite coffee accoutrements, pajamas, and even, you guessed it, coffee.


Before I get started, though, you can get some more details on the coffee accessories I am chatting about by visiting my feed on the LTK app. For example, you can get a quick video tutorial on the coffee grinder that has become a game changer for my morning cup of joe!

One of the biggest parts of my morning routine, beyond the coffee of course, are my pajamas. For the record, I am one of those people who likes my pj’s to match, whether coordinating with patterns or colors. I am a huge fan of the Honeydew Intimate Sets – take a peek at one of my favorite styles – and I just LOVE this latest style for Fall. Comfy, stylish, and shorts with a long sleeved top just make it perfect for when the temps start to get a little cooler in the morning (and evening).


One of the things that I have really gotten into has been pour over coffee. I bought a nifty (and amazing I may add) coffee grinder, electric kettle, and pour over set. I chose the “matte white” color(s) as it matches the decor in my place but pick what fits your motive and style. You can shop the very items below!

Another one of my favorite items is the Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Frother. In fact, I have even traveled with it too. Yes, it is that AMAZING. Choose from 4 different settings to create the cold or hot froth of your choice. I am a bit biased; the dense foam option is my go-to!

Now, let’s talk about java. I will get to my favorite blends in a moment but let me tout these fabulous mugs that I was recently gifted from a local small business in Baltimore. coffee-mugs

I don’t know what spoke to me more – the fun, iconic clear glass mug or the fantastic expressions on them. The company is called “Talking Out of Turn;” umm, how fantastic is that name? Not only do they have a fabulous selection of glass and ceramic mugs but they have a whole slew of additional products too! I think these would be a perfect stocking stuffer gift for anyone on your list!

Finally, ‘da beans! While everyone has their own likes and preferences, here are what I like to grind when I am not using my Folgers in my drip coffee maker! Ha!

Peet’s Coffee: Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee: Arabian Mocha Java

Peet’s Coffee: Big Bang

Alright, now that I have exhausted my coffee talk, maybe it’s time to move onto cocktails & wine. Just kidding!

Hope you find some caffeine inspiration with my loves!