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Why I Love Spring Cleaning


Happy Thursday, and a ridiculously wet one from Baltimore too. There are some dreary days that make you feel productive; others, like today, just have you wondering how it is already the afternoon. Luckily I am getting my act together. I am checking things off my to-do list & a banana bread is baking. Yes, ugly looking bananas need to be dealt with! Ha! Btw, I am using the nut topping from my “Cinnamon Oat Muffin” recipe so I hope to be bringing this to my blog SOON! I don’t know about you but I am super pumped that Spring is only a couple days away. Not only is this a sign of warm weather BUT Spring Cleaning; and although I am an organized neat freak to begin with, you can never be TOO organized. One of my go-to places to keep everything in one places is The Container Store!

If you are NOT into Spring cleaning, I guarantee you will be into cleaning/organizing 365 days a year when you check out all that The Container Store has to offer. Everything from your kitchen & office, to your closet and bathroom, and even playrooms, travel, and arts & crafts, you are sure to find everything, and then some, at this amazing establishment.

Yes, AMAZING. This is me checking my list and being in awe of all that the store offers! FYI: You can see the fun Instagram Reels of me shopping by checking out my Instagram feed!

While there are so many directions I could talk about, I am going to share some of my, recent, purchases that I was in need of organizing. In addition, I will tout some of my past purchases that have been game changers in my closet too.

Here’s to getting excited for Spring cleaning!

The Home Edit by iDesign Large Drawer: All of those miscellaneous items such as extra toiletries, makeup, travel items, prescriptions, etc., were just becoming a hot mess over time. While I had them in bins and neat, it was not user friendly and I could not see the items most of the time. Yes, being organized is great BUT, if you are not able to see what you have, how is that a good thing?

I love that they are stackable, have functional drawers, and really help to keep me streamlined and not just collecting “stuff.” Honestly, I am not that way to begin with BUT this keeps me even MORE on point.

The Home Edit by iDesign Hair Accessory Bin With Sliding Tray: Need I say more than wanting to keep all of your hair accoutrements in place? No more digging to find your hair ties/scrunchies, sweatbands, and anything that keeps your locks coifed! I love the sliding tray on top. It’s a great place to keep those most used items, especially on the fly!


Acrylic Hair Care Organizer: Yes, no more just letting these products chill underneath the sink. Plus, I don’t you think that it needs to be dressed up too? There is nothing like seeing the drain dangle in the middle and cause a real problem when it comes to fitting things appropriately. And, I don’t know about you but, half the time, I would grab a product, only to have it touch another, and it became quite the domino effect. Ugh. Boo. No more!

The Home Edit by iDesign Shelf Divider: As part of the makeup & vanity collection, I gravitated towards this piece because I wanted to streamline my hair tools a bit more. While the bin I have is still being utilized, I can see everything better now and all of gadgets are not on top of one another.

And, as promised, here are some other purchases I have made over the years and just adore!

Premium Stackable Tall Shoe Bin

iDesign Hinged-Lid Stackable Shirt & Sweater Boxes

8-Pair Shoe & Purse Organizer

Shop My Organization!

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