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Table for 1?

Janine Serio Fairmont Miramar Santa Monica

Well, hello Monday…how are you planning to get after it this week? Okay, full disclosure, I was supposed to be in California next week. Ugh, I am SO FREAKING BUMMED that my trip had to be postponed. The reasons why are for another day BUT I am ready to get out of Baltimore and just find a little clarity. As I was perusing some of my lifestyle pictures earlier this morning, I came across this photo that just made me think – Will it always be a “Table for 1?”


I will say this much; one of the biggest things I have learned about myself over the last few years is that I can go out, BY MYSELF, have a cocktail or glass of vino, do my thing, be who I am, and not care what anyone thinks!

This used to be SO HARD for me and, while there are times when it still feels “scary” and “what do people think?” I keep reminding myself that I am a “BOUGIE GIRL BOSS” (sorry, I had to – people keep calling me out for saying those words) and I am (trying) to live my best life.

A life that is “Fit4Janine.”

Enough said.

So, as I flipped through some of my favorite pictures from the SUPER talented, VIOLETARTISTRY, and how much I love our photo session days in Santa Monica, I am reminded that I have some FUN photos coming up in the next couple weeks.

To start, I am getting a little out of my comfort zone with a bedroom photo session at the end of this week. A little edgy but something different. I think that is what I need! Make sure to stay connected to “Janine Serio” on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know!

Time to level up, get out of my funk, and start influencing like I know best!

My words of wisdom for you – get all “gussied up,” go out, remember who YOU are, smile, and don’t be afraid to say “Table for 1.”

Have an amazing week loves!