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Tacos & Tequila at La Food Marketa


T U E S D A Y…is it Friday yet? And what is worse is that I woke up with that gross feeling in my throat that usually means I am overdoing it and “I better pull back the reigns before this turns into a full blown sickness.” Ugh. And I hardly, ever, get sick. It, usually, happens when something BIG is going on – Holiday’s, a few days before running a marathon, throwing a party, etc. Yes, I threw the marathon note in there because I remember coming down with an obnoxious sinus infection/cold one week before running the Disney World “Goofy Challenge.” I ran the half on Saturday, then the full on Sunday. Crazy? Wait, “Goofy?” Yes. Would I do it again? If I could get myself back into marathon shape – dang, that shit is hard – absolutely! Even back then I was working for the tacos & tequila.

I never gave myself the credit I deserved when going through the training of it all. Just something I did. Now, coming off 3 years of not running more than 3 miles on a treadmill, mixed with sprints and power walks, and 6 years since I hung up the running shoes from 26.2, yeah, it is a humbling experience, and I wish I was a little kinder to myself all those years ago. Instead it was, “why cannot I not break a 3:50 marathon?”

Anyway, no more workout talk; let’s chat about FOOD. Last week, I had the ultimate pleasure of checking out La Food Marketa for some tacos & tequila; the sister restaurant to one of my favorites spots in Baltimore – The Food Market. Honestly, I have been wanting to check out this place for a really long time. I have heard some amazing things about it and knew it was the PERFECT time to try it out! Needless to say, the food did NOT disappoint. I know I have said this about every restaurant BUT I really cannot wait to back ASAP.

Okay, where to even start when it comes to tacos & tequila? Before I do, I did have to BORROW this fabulous tag line you can find right on the restaurant’s website. I mean, it is simple, to the point, and I totally give it my stamp of approval!


From the minds of Chefs Chad Gauss and Johntay Bedingfield, La Food Marketa features a blend of flavors from the Americas that is fresh, fun, comforting and easily understood. Dine, drink and enjoy” (!

One of the biggest decisions to make – besides what food to try – is what are the best cocktails to start with? I don’t have a sweet tooth, nor do I tolerate really sweet drinks either. I know, wtf? While the margaritas sounded interesting, after hearing the ingredients, I knew it would be too sweet for my liking BUT if that is your thing, I hear they are excellent! Instead, I decided to go with the Casamigos flight because HOW COOL IS THAT? This is one of the only places in Baltimore that I know who offer this, and I think it is fantastic. I can get down with a good Mezcal, but tequila has never been one of my things, until I was introduced to this brand. The best way? Let it sit with over ice for a good 10-15 minutes, and sip. No mixing! This is too freaking good to add anything else! My favorite of the 3 (blanco, reposado, and anejo) will, always, be the reposado!

The lunch menu looked fantastic, and the dinner menu looked even better! Heads up, the lunch menu is different Monday-Thursday than Friday-Saturday. I did get to dine here on a Friday, so the options are a little more extensive. My original thought was a couple appetizers, including a la carte tacos, and then trying out one of the delicious salad entrees BUT I ended up digging the tacos so much that I just ordered another round. Another great perk is that they offer both corn and “lettuce” tortillas, in addition to the traditional flour ones too.

To start, I ordered the “Chips and Guacamole” – sans chips and add crudites – as well as the “Queso with added Turkey Chorizo.” Omgosh, I think it was one of the best quesos I have had! The addition of the turkey chorizo just made it that much better, and a great topper to my tacos too! Unfortunately, the picture of the queso was not so appetizing so I decided to leave that one out and just let you go and order for yourself. Take my word…UNBELIEVABLE.


On to the tacos! FYI: You can get these as actual platters but, as I mentioned, they offer them a la carte as well. I love this option because it allows you to try a bunch of other items…or just order more tacos! Ha! I can do without all the extra sides – rice, beans, yada, yada.


Since I wanted to try both the corn and lettuce tortilla, I got the “Pulled Pork Tacos” with the corn and the “Mom’s Turkey Soft Taco” with the lettuce. Both were phenomenal but I think my heart was “pulled” in the the pulled pork direction. This is, exactly, why I went ahead and grabbed another; this time in lettuce. Regardless of corn, lettuce, or flour (if that strikes your fancy), the pulled pork was flipping delicious.

Lettuce Taco

Needless to say, I finished every last bite, and left feeling content, full, and ready to plan my next trip back! Remember, it is all about the tacos & tequila!

Janine Casamigos

Until I get my gig with Casamigos…