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Let’s “Veuve” Tonight

Janine-St. Regis-Veuve

What up on this first Wednesday in December? I don’t know about you BUT I am super behind with my Christmas shopping this year. My list is all mapped out but, errmyyygooosshhhh, I feel like I need more time. Maybe I just need a glass or 2 or 3 of Veuve today to straighten me out! Yes, that is what the shopping doctor ordered!

In honor of the Christmas season, I thought it would be fabulous to tout one of. my favorite bubbly’s!

First, and foremost, do not let anyone tell you that champagne is only for special occasions. In fact, I have been known to have a glass or two during the week because I CAN, and I LIKE IT. There is a sophistication about it that is so “Fit4Janine,” and can be so “Fit4You” too.

Come on, isn’t it the best sound hearing one of these bad boys get popped? My Mom jokes that she wishes it was her ring tone, or text message “alert.”

Nothing like a glass of Veuve Clicquot shared with someone you hold near and dear to your heart (or by yourself – LOL) that just makes things seem that much better. Oooh, and the fact that is ACTUALLY Champagne – not “sparkling wine” since it is from France- is another fabulous thing too!

Janine Champagne

While the price point can vary depending on where you purchase (mid $40-high $60’s), it is SO WORTH IT. Not only is it a go-to around the Holiday season for me (hmm, any season for that matter), or when I see it on a restaurant menu, it is lovely to give as a host/hostess gift when attending various Christmas/Holiday parties too!


Or, if you are like me, grab a glass the next time you visit the St. Regis in Washington, D.C. Trust me, you will think you are like royalty! Again, doesn’t that look just say it all!? The rich reds, golds, and greens, combined with the plushness of velvet and heavy wood, make this spot something, truly, special! Now I need to go back, but not for business purposes!

​Happiest of Wednesday’s! Do it in style, with some bubbly, and start working that Christmas list! If you do, I will as well!


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