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Season’s of Love at Greenspring Station

Janine Sit with Coat

Happy Thursday Love! Hope your day is filled with all things “Merry,” “Bright,” and “Fit4You.” Today will be filled with a whole lot of cheer; I will be headed downtown to check out the Mt. Vernon Washington Monument Lighting, and then over to 34th Street in Hampden for some Christmas pictures. ‘Tis The Season for all things festive and fun, and I am still trying to get myself into the spirit of the season. One place, though, that seems to cheer me up, and get me thinking about rocking around the Christmas tree, is Greenspring Station in Baltimore, Maryland. It has transformed over the years to a woman’s playground – men, there is a fabulous jewelry store to pick out some baubles and a bougie bar at my go-to restaurant. And nothing like being able to “Shop Small” this past weekend to really get you in the spirit of the season!


One of Baltimore’s premier clothing boutiques, FINALLY, put down roots at Greenspring Station in May 2019, and I could not have been MORE EXCITED!  Beyond its signature “pink” color, Sassanova’s line of clothing is ridiculously fabulous, trendy, unique, and I guess it is a given when I say STYLISH! And, while I love shopping at their location in Harbor East, and, occasionally, in Bethesda, it is so nice (and convenient) to have a 5-minute drive when I am in desperate need of something BOUGIE!

Speaking of style, and bougie, the outfit that I sported came from non-other than all Greenspring Station “small business” stores, with the “main attraction” coming from Sassanova themselves.

This “Fran Sequin Cuff” Gray Sweater from Wyse London was talked about everywhere I went. Part of their “Disco Collection,” this 70% Wool, 30% Cashmere sweater can be paired with jeans (like I did) for a casual, chic look, or with a fun, frilly skirt to take your party game, or evening out, to the next level! The only bummer? It is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! Should it come back in stock, I will be the FIRST to let you know!

So, yes, the sweater got a lot of attention, but the jacket and shoes did as well! Let’s start, though, with the jacket since it did get purchased at the lovely Sassanova as well. It’s no surprise that the cheetah/leopard print has been front and center in the fashion world. I had one from ages ago that was a little big on me now and was not feeling super trendy. Why, I am not sure, but I think it was an excuse to go buy something else!

This “Kian Faux Fur Cheetah Jacket” is “so cuddly, its purrrr-fect! Wide collared, super soft, plush faux fur jacket in this season’s print will be a head turner.” And, geez, it was, and so freaking warm, too, and I could not even stand it! Seriously, between that & the sweater, I was SO COZY.


Before I move on to my fabulous “kicks” for I wore – gosh, I feel like using the word “kicks” downplay their awesomeness – I do want to give a shout-out to the latest Greenspring Station resident who provided this AMAZING background for the photos. You are hearing it from me – this will be the next Instagram Photo destination!

Floral Fetes is a “floral boutique featuring unique flowers and timeless gifts for the home, garden, heart, and soul.” Their store, and storefront, are absolutely gorgeous, and I will, certainly, be using them for the next party/event I need for arrangements. Who am I kidding, I will be going there if I just want a simple arrangement to give my table a little pizazz!

Janine Sit with Coat

Okay, now for ‘da shoes! Omgosh, when I saw these beauties in the store front window of Matava Shoes, I knew I just had to try them on. And, of course, they only had one pair left which were in my size! Luck? Possibly? Retailers know I am a sucker when it comes to using the AMEX? Jury is still out! LOL! Don’t worry – while they are sold out online, there was a BRAND NEW shipment in store! These Jeffrey Campbells “Valenti-J’s” with bow and heel embellishments can absolutely be yours, and everyone will be making a comment!

Matava Shoes + Jeffrey Campbell

“YOUR SHOES…they are just fabulous!”

“You look like the PERFECT Holiday package!”

“I saw these in the window down the hall; I need a pair!”

Shoes stores, anymore, are few and far between. With the popularity of online shopping, and one-stop shop department stores, finding rare spots, like Matava Shoes, who have been in business for over 30+ years, is like finding a diamond in the rough. I, recently, had the chance to sit down and talk with owner Kathy Matava on owning a business that has had longevity but, also, feeling the struggle of online EVERYTHING.

Matava + Jeffrey Campbell

One of the unique things about Kathy’s small business is that she has a consistent (and repeat) clientele that appreciates the high-end elegance in what she offers. Her big push moving forward is bringing in lines that will appeal to a larger demographic. While keeping her mantra of quality & elegance, she wants to attract another generation of shoppers with whom appreciate a fabulous pair of shoes but is, also, mindful of the price tag as well.

Additionally, Kathy offers a variety of super cute accessories – think clutches, gloves, hats, capes/ponchos, etc. There are some adorable gloves by Santacana (made in Spain) that come in an assortment of colors and adorned with cute bows at the wrist. Just LOVE them, and kind of want one in every color in my stocking.

We covered my outfit, my shoes, and, before I talk about where I refueled (and rehydrated), I have to chat about one of my go-to home goods and gift stores that just expanded in April 2019 as one of Greenspring Stations anchors – Becket Hitch. Owner Kohli Flick has done a, hands down, amazing job in taking her small business to the absolute next level, and becoming a destination spot for “stylish home goods, accessories and gifts that will excite and inspire customers to create a unique expression of themselves in their homes and through their gift giving.” I think that is what I love about her, and her “baby.” Every item she has brought in store – even if it is down to a greeting card/stationary – tells a story. A story that can be told through the art of giving and gives thought and meaning to that person or family with whom you are giving it too.

Needless to say, her inventory is robust – if you cannot find something then, sorry, I don’t know what to say – and the staff is the kindest, warmest, and friendliest in the area. And, if you are a CORKCICLE fan, like me, this is a GOLD MINE. Plus, they will monogram which is such an added touch. AND THIS HOT PINK! So Fit4Janine!

Janine Becket Hitch

While I have given you my TOP PICKS at Greenspring Station, there are many others that I will occasionally pop in to check out. This is not an all-inclusive list of what is there but some of my other favorites…

Wee Chic Boutique: Although I do not have kids of my own, “this boutique specializes in an assortment of modern clothing, toys, books and gifts for children and tweens that blends the rough and tumble practicality parents need with the design that they love.” I mean, when you can find brands that mirror the brands that you LOVE – think Kate Spade, Splendid, Hudson Jeans, etc. – hello, it is a WIN WIN! And, ah, my heart just melts when I see the newborn pieces that are in beautiful pastel colors. Yes, everyone around me is either pregnant or has a baby so I have been immersed in all of this! Hand selected, unique, and just down-right adorable, this should be a must stop shop when you need a gift that just screams WOW!

Necessary Secrets: Not just your average lingerie store! I have to say, just like shoes, lingerie stores are becoming extinct. Gosh, there is nothing like going in, being properly measured, and being given the options of so many styles from which to choose from. Not only has Necessary Secrets been providing this level of service (and inventory) for all of your fabulous “underthings” the last 35 years, BUT they, also, have a fabulous selection of robes, pajamas, activewear, and gift items too. A great place to check out prior to your Honeymoon, vacation, or just day to day.

Yves Delorme: This French-owned linen store just exudes elegance from store front to stepping inside the sultry (and sexy) showroom. From crisp whites, to beige beauties, to pops of color, these classic (and trendy) pieces for bedroom and bath are sure to make you feel like you are wrapped in nothing but pure luxury. An amazing gift for that individual who may have everything but appreciates a super high thread count.

Stone Mill Bakery: A perfect spot for coffee & conversation with a friend, hold a business meeting over delicious, artisanal breads, pastries, (baked daily) and food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), or grab an order to go and let the delightfulness of Chris make you keep on coming back!

The Wine Merchant and Deli: You ready for this? A full selection of wines, beers, spirits, a full-service deli, prepared foods, gift baskets, snacks, and TURKEY POWERHOUSE SANDWICHES. A Baltimore gem! Need I say more?

And, finally, I would be remised if I did not talk about one of my go-to spots in Baltimore County for amazing food and drink – Tark’s Grill & Bar. Last year, at this very time, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the owners, Bruce Bodie, on “shopping” and “eating small” (just funny when I write that; definitely do not eat small when I am there) at his very establishment. You can check out the full interview and blog HERE!


“Tark’s Grill & Bar is a contemporary American restaurant that serves delicious food with warm service in a relaxed, comfortable setting.” While Tark’s opened in 2008, Bruce Bodie and partner, Gino Cardinale, purchased in 2016 and, have since, totally transformed it into a hot spot in town. Seriously, they just underwent a huge renovation and are taking things to the next level.

Since I frequent there a LOT – just ask the manager, James, he cannot get rid of me – the staff has gotten to pretty much know what I order and that I am either there on business (with my laptop) or catching up with family/friends over cocktails. What do I get? While there are so many awesome items from which to choose, my staples include the Butternut Squash Soup (hold the cinnamon cream), and roasted Brussel sprouts with grilled salmon OR the Seafood Cobb. Again, though, SO MANY OTHER delicious cuisines…I just tend to be a creature of habit. I know, BORING.

I hope you will check out all that Greenspring Station has to offer this Holiday Season, and then beyond! Their open-air concept, lined with brick walls and archways, just give a high-end, bougie vibe. Plus, adorning the hallways with wreaths, greenery, red florals, and lights, well, it is something to check out!

Go shop small at Greenspring Station, check off everyone on your list, and then go have an amazing lunch or dinner!