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Stop Taking Everything So Seriously


Happy, Happy Monday, and April 19th! Is it me, or does it seem that time is just flying by!?!? It’s crazy that it is almost the end of the month and I cannot WAIT for some warmer weather, a little less rain, and looking forward to, finally, be settled into my new place. For someone […]

My Birthday Wish


How am I 35 already? I can continue to ask myself this very question – ALL DAY – but won’t that take away from the Birthday festivities? Although I am not in California (this has been the trend over the last few years), and I am not able to throw that big bash that I […]

Table for 1?

Janine Serio Fairmont Miramar Santa Monica

Well, hello Monday…how are you planning to get after it this week? Okay, full disclosure, I was supposed to be in California next week. Ugh, I am SO FREAKING BUMMED that my trip had to be postponed. The reasons why are for another day BUT I am ready to get out of Baltimore and just […]

Wine-ing & Cheese-ing in Burgundy


Okay, and maybe a lot of that went down in Paris too! 🙂 Ahh, Bonjour & Happy Thursday loves; well, at least I think it is Thursday – ha! This jet lag has been real as F$%& and my sleeping has been ridiculous. At least I am consistent, no matter what continent I am on, […]

Traveling to Paris & Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Happy Tuesday and, ERRRMYGOOOODDDD, how is it that I am in Europe right now, at a BEAUTIFUL French Chateau, drinking wine amongst the beautiful 60 degree weather? Well, if I am being a smart ass, I got on a plane (Air France is awesome by the way), traveled overnight, arrived in Paris on Sunday morning, and […]

Why Going Commando Is Trending


In honor of it being Wednesday, and “Hump Day,” I thought it was fitting that I speak on this topic of “just going commando.” And oh how I love it! Yes, a cocktail is so in hand for this one! No, this is not a “what you may think” blog post either. Yes, going commando […]