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Through The Camera Lens


THURSDAY, and another week almost in the books! My head feels like it is going in a few different directions, and this dang to-do list just never seems to get shorter! I did want to share a little something that I wrote about on social media last week, and it just keeps resonating. So, I wanted to put into writing, again, right here on my blog. It is something I like to call “through the camera lens,” and I hope it brings you some inspiration!

And it is, almost, 5:00 pm yet?

Through the camera lens there is a lot to be seen. Yes, it may include going through the hundreds of pictures from my 2-week trip to St. Maarten – when can I go back? – but, today, I want to talk about communication.

I have thought about it a lot this week. I laid in bed last night thinking about it. And, so far today, it has been that “annoying relative that will not take a hint when they have overstayed there welcome.”

I said on a conversation with my Mom this morning that I wonder if I don’t communicate well. At times I feel like I am misunderstood, taken advantage of, and not appreciated. I have gotten better, and really worked on communicating my feelings, expectations, etc. but I still slip back into these times of “what did I do to deserve x, y, z.” As my Mom said, “why do you always think it is you?”

I am a pleaser and a care taker by nature; I never wanted to ruffle feathers or have someone think negatively about me BUT, through experience, I have learned that really gets me no where. It should not be WORK. Adulting is hard as it is, and not being open and honest – because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or be viewed as “demanding” – is doing nothing but keeping you small. There is no growth. You cannot learn from it. It keeps you from being, truly, happy. 

So, when I go back to this place of feeling “misunderstood,” “taken advantage of,” “not appreciated,” etc., it is a check-in with myself. Maybe I am not communicating they way I need to communicate. Maybe I need to stop over analyzing and start taking more responsibility for my relationships – personally, professionally, WHATEVER. I am who I am; and people are who they are. Meet it with understanding, and do what feels authentic to you.

How is that for getting a little “heavy” on a #thursday? Some days, it is needed, and, some days, you just need to be that much more vulnerable with yourself and your audience.