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Wasted Watermelon Cocktails


THIS DRINK is the perfect SUMMER cocktail. Yes, I have decided that. I know, this would have been perfect for me to have have posted pre-4th of July BUT I had to beta test, and work out the kinks, before I shared, right? Plus, who says you cannot have watermelon cocktails ANY day of the week? Because everyday is a holiday, and I know it would spice up this Tuesday, for sure!

There are multiple liquors you can put in this drink; tequila was suggested from the adapted recipe but I tested with Grey Goose and a smoky Mezcal I had oh hand.

Party Idea: A watermelon cocktail bar! Great for a Summer themed party! Refreshing and guests can chose their preferred liquor of choice, as well as the amount. This is a made to order cocktail and is pretty loose with how many parts watermelon juice to alcohol.

How I came up with this name – “Wasted Watermelon Cocktails?” Two fold; one, you, literally, waste most of the watermelon when straining – just juice peeps, no “pulp,” – and, second, it is so light and refreshing they go down pretty f-ing easy. Drink responsibly when consuming, and let your guests know the same if you decide to have as a signature cocktail or a bar as I suggested.

FYI: I adore my Vitamix; this recipe, definitely, needs a comprabable, high powered blender.

Oh, and can I grab an invite too? Kidding, or maybe not. 

As I mentioned, these are “made to order;” I have not tried making them in a pitcher to serve. This may have to be a trial and error test – strain all of the blended contents and then add liquor, accordingly, until desired taste is achieved.

Which addition seemed like the best fit? While both the Grey Goose & Mezcal were fantastic, the Mezcal, hands down, was the perfect choice for this cocktail! The smokiness complimented the very mild sweetness of the drink, and just gave it a lot more pizazz! See, even more fitting on a Tuesday! Now, just add some tequila! Ole!

Cheers and drink responsibly!


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