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Why Jealousy Will Never Be A Good Look


Although it is Thursday evening, and I am sipping a cocktail in lieu of drinking coffee [as this photo highlights], it just works. Yes, I am going with it. AND this blog post is being inspired by my latest Instagram post that talks about my very point – why jealousy will never be a good look. On me. On you. ANYONE.

We have all been there when it comes to feeling jealous, or having jealousy, about/towards something or someone. You think that, as you get older, this would become less and less YET I hear this word among so many adults. Grown adults. Grown adults who “have it all” and, still, are not happy. 

Being “jealous” or having “jealousy” has become one of those words/feelings that does not sit well. It exudes a lack of confidence, has you falling into a comparison trap, and just keeps you “small.” It feels juvenile and keeps you from being your authentic self. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am, surely, not saying that this is something that I don’t feel at times. Of course I do – I am human. It’s meeting these feelings, though, with acknowledgement & understanding and moving on. Staying in this “place” for too long only builds more angst, resentment, and unhappiness. What looks good from the outside is, most likely, not what is happening behind closed doors. This is one of the biggest issues I have with social media and, yes, I am trying to build a brand on these very platforms. 

Letting these brief thoughts, or moments in time, consume you, and make you feel less than the amazing YOU, is not only NOT healthy but it keeps you from being the best version of your current self. As I said before, jealousy will never be a good look. On me. On you. Not on ANYONE for that matter.

Stay in your own lane, and BE YOU. This, truly, is the BEST look of all! 

Here’s to a great Thursday evening and one more sleep until the weekend! Here’s to confidence, coffee, and, yes, cocktails!

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