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The Perfect Pair


Nothing like a gorgeous sunrise to get you excited for the weekend. That, coupled with hearing the birds chirping, means Spring is right around the corner AND, if I am correct, Daylight Savings is happening next weekend. Yes, I don’t care that we are losing an hour of sleep – my sleep sucks already – but I do love it staying lighter out later. Something else that I am very excited about is the perfect pair of lashes I recently had done.

There is something about a perfect pair of lashes that just makes you feel all kinds of fabulous, and hello eye color! While I, generally, use the “strip” version – wait, did you not think those were my actual lashes in all of those photos – I love the fact these look more natural and you can get away with wearing very little makeup. Plus, with wearing a mask to do ANYTHING, a perfect pair and some brows may be all that you need.


Take a peek at this quick, and very up close, Instagram Reels of the process! 

Michelle Lippa has been in the industry for years and her attention to detail is like no other. For your first visit, the lash extension process takes ~2 hours. While I wanted to go a little more dramatic, especially for getting photographed on the regular, Michelle will help you create the perfect pair just for you.

A little 411 on what exactly are lash extensions…

Individually applied hair fibers (there are a variety of different materials that can be used), this cosmetic enhancement is applied with a lash adhesive to create thicker, fuller, and longer lashes, depending on the look you want to achieve and how you want to accentuate your natural lash.

Maintenance of your lashes includes daily brushing, and cleaning them every 2-3 days with a prescribed wash & beauty tools. Fill in’s are, generally, every 2-3 weeks, depending on how well they are working for you, how quickly they are shedding, and the length of time you have had. Contrary to a full set, you are looking at 1 hour for your fill in. Since I am a newbie at this (I tried once before a few years ago when I was living in California), Michelle recommended I see her after 2 weeks to see how I am doing overall.Perfect-PairI have loved the look thus far, and I have gotten so many compliments. Plus, I love waking up in the morning, or just going sans makeup, and feeling like my eyes just pop! I hear a lot of people talk about their lashes – my Mom always says “I have no lashes” – and I think it’s a great addition to your beauty routine. Yes, it is an initial expense, and there is an upkeep to it but the pros totally outweigh the financial “cons,” especially when it comes to your confidence!

If you are interested, I highly recommend trying it out, even if it just once…and definitely reach out to Michelle Lippa! You can follow her on Instagram! She is the absolute best! Btw, she is also responsible for my gorgeous bronzed skin too. Yes, her spray tans are natural & provide an amazing color, and they just make you feel good too.