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Change of Scenery


Hello cold, cold, and more cold Monday. How many more weeks until Spring? Actually, you can start thinking about Spring by checking out the recent blog post I wrote on my favorite outfits for the upcoming season. While I dream of warm(er) days, I will continue to sit here, drink coffee, and get my laundry list together of stuff to do this week. It was, definitely, nice to have a change of scenery this past weekend before another week of back to the grind. And, also, it helped me get out of my funk.

Before I give you the 411 on what I did this weekend, I do want to let you know that the Fit4Janine closet is getting STOCKED with brand new items all week. Starting today, and hopefully be completed by the weekend, there are so many NEW items that are being uploaded on to the site. From “NWT,” to worn less than 2-3 times, each piece is nothing less than fabulous!

A change of scenery; something that was, and IS, needed. Pre-covid, a “change of scenery” meant traveling on the frequent, going out to restaurants, getting together with family & friends, business outings, etc, etc, etc.

With so many things getting canceled, interrupted, put on hold, and then some, the day to day grind has become stale, taxing, boring, depressing, and I could go on. I think this is why I have been in an absolute funk lately. There is nothing new; nothing is happening; everything is an effort; people are bat shit crazy (and that is putting it mildly).

Nothing is exciting.

And when things start to feel this way, well, I don’t know about you, but I start going to this place of “what could I do better,” “how could I be better,” “am I attractive,” ugh, the nit-picking, “will I ever fall in love and get married again,” “am I worthy,” and on, and on. While these are not lasting “WTF’s,” they go in waves.

This wave is one that happened over the last few days, and I needed something to get me out of my own way. When my Mom said that we were going to go have a little retail therapy on Saturday because WE all need a change of scenery, and she did not want me sitting in front of computer doing work, you listen to your Mother.

Family time, a different environment, shopping, good coffee, good cocktails and eats, and good conversation do so much for the soul. And you, slowly, let down the walls and get out of your funk.

You remind yourself that you are absolutely worthy, and anyone would be lucky enough to have you in your life. We all have these so-called “setbacks;” acknowledging them is half the battle. And, as quickly as we do so, it is just as quick to say “I am good enough,” “I am lovable,” “I am attractive,” “I am deserving,” “I am the absolute very best.”

Here’s to a wonderful week, and remembering that if you are feeling in a funk, a change of scenery may be the very thing that you need!