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Think Spring Thoughts


Yes, it’s Friday – the first week of February is (almost) down – and, now, it’s time to think Spring thoughts! Isn’t there a rule that once Groundhog Day happens all bets are off? As much as the bright colors, and fabulous outfits, I am showcasing today cannot help but get you excited, I could have done without the snow and cold weather temps while capturing their beauty. Then again, it is winter, and I could have worn a coat. Then again, it did just snow a few days ago.

When I saw these fabulous pieces at one of my favorite boutiques in the Baltimore area, they just screamed Janine! So unique, so colorful, so fabulous! In fact, it was this very boutique that introduced me to the New Delhi, India based company, Hemant & Nandita. I, highly, recommend you take a peek at their beautiful site and ready more about this duo’s business & friendship! Yes, you will think Spring thoughts too!

Funny story – earlier this week, my Mom was showing me some older dresses that my sister no longer wants, and one of them happened to be from this very designer (although it appears to have been prior to a rebranding based on the label).

Beyond the craftsmanship and culture you can see in each one of their handcrafted pieces, I love wear and representing brands that are not mainstream. Ones that people have to ask – “who is that dress by” – or “wow, I have not seen anything like this before.” And, when you offer a line that not many other stores carry, well, that is a bonus, for sure!

Another reason why I gravitated towards these looks is because they were something different than what you would, typically, see me in, although, I will say, I was a little intimidated to wear. Yes, I am going to segway for a moment.

Let me get this off my chest before back to the real topic at hand – think Spring thoughts!

And, yes, as you read, please know I fully understand I am a health & wellness professional, by trade, who promotes and advocates body confidence. I am just as real, and human, as anyone who comes to me for lifestyle coaching/personal training.

Yes, you have seen me wear short-shorts and mini skirts/dresses but these particular items give a new meaning to body confidence…and that is a beautiful thing!

I started going back to that place of “I wish I had a smaller, athletic build;” “why can’t my legs be a little longer and leaner, my arms not so ‘bulky’ and ‘muscular,’ why have I struggled with weight fluctuations due to life, stress, thyroid issues, etc.” And then the comparison trap starts to set in.

I am human too. It has been a road for me and, yes, to this day, it still gets the best of me. It kind of got the best of me this week. You know what – I am still figuring things out, especially when it comes to my health & wellness. My genes are my genes; my build is my build; my lifestyle is my lifestyle. I can enhance and embrace the body I have been given, realize where I have been in my wellness journey, and just continue to focus on the process.

What are some of the things I can take away from my experiences thus far?

  • I look at my high school picture and don’t even see myself. Actually, I feel like I really changed over that year. I evolved from that round, baby face I had always had to looking more like I was becoming an adult.
  • College – yes, Freshman 15 is real and yes, wanting to be the picture perfect sorority girl was real. Think about those 2 extremes.
  • As much as marathoning was part of my culture back in the day, it did not fair well on my body, nor did teaching 10+ fitness classes a week on top of training either. If you are wondering, I was in the worst shape of my life!
  • Stress. Divorce. Sleepless Nights. Life. It has wreaked havoc on my metabolism and my hormones. I went from losing a lot of weight without doing anything really differently, to then suffering from out of whack thyroid levels that left me so lethargic, puffy, water retention like crazy, and, well, ugh. The years of 2015-2019 – I am not even focusing on 2020 – are years that I could care not to think about.

While I could go on and on, my intention is not to steer you away from these items – OMGOSH, NO! My intention is for you to know that, sometimes, there are things that trigger/bring up these feelings in your life and it is okay to recognize them. I have become more a believer that you have to acknowledge them in order to deal and move on, than to ignore.

And, you know what, I will get through…and feel more fabulous and confident than ever!


Alright, let think Spring thoughts with one of my new favorite lines! You can shop each of the looks by clicking on the links OR scroll through the look book at the bottom of this post.

Stay confident, stay fashionable, stay true to you!


Off White “Krista” Feminine Party Tee

Tricolor Belted Floral “Jolie” Jogger Pant

Tie Dye Tee

Smock Waist Dyed Mini Skirt


Tricolor Smock Waist Mini Dress

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