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A “Snow” Board


You may not like what I am about to say but I am speaking from my heart; I am hopeful this is the LAST of the snow we will see until the Holiday’s! I know, I know; I like one good snow fall and then time for warm weather! The one positive from a good snow is that it forces you to stay indoors – if you so choose – and get stuff accomplished that you may not want to do on a typical day off, or the weekend for that matter. While I had many the projects to keep me busy, I decided to take a time out from work/organizing to put together one of my favorites – a cheese and charcuterie board. Although, in honor of the weather, I am deeming this a “snow” board. Yes, thank you Mom for the inspiration! 

A good old cheese & charcuterie board – I mean “snow” board – is just the perfect appetizer to put together when you are looking to bougie up a weekend, or a snow day for that matter. When I knew the pending weather was coming, I went to my favorite spot in Baltimore to snag some yummy meats and cheeses. Yes, I tend to go way overboard but I love having leftovers and no one likes a wimpy board, even if it means making it solely for picture purposes and yourself. Ha! 


Generally speaking, I let the meat & cheese connoisseurs lead me to the latest & greatest, but I have been on a kick lately with loving some of the recent recommendations, that I know, exactly, what to pick. The main component of this board was not the, usual, pomp and circumstance of traditional ones. Yes, this “snow” board was all about, you guessed it, SNOW. Honestly, I love how the winter landscape just made the meats, cheeses, and veggies pop! Plus, I used one of the leftover flowers in an arrangement to give it an added touch. It’s my version of a snowball. Humor me!

As I always share, the beauty of a board is that it is so versatile! You pick your favorites, and then bring your creation to life. No right or wrong; only FABULOUS (and delicious)!

Here is a little peek at what I used! FYI: I based the quantity off 4 people

Meats (all at ~1/4 lb)

  • Smoking Goose “Dodge City” Salami
  • Prosciutto Di San Daniele
  • Pate Campagne

Cheeses (between 1/4 to 1/2 lb)

  • Comte Extra Aged
  • Stompetoren Gouda
  • Chandoka Cheddar

In addition, I added various sliced veggies, crackers on hand, and yummy marcona almonds.

Good thing I have leftovers; now I am craving another board! Hope this gives you a little inspiration on a Tuesday, especially if you are digging out from the snow!

Stay safe & eat well!