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Facing The Winter Months Hydrated & Beautiful

Are you as happy that it is Friday as much as I am? Not only has this week been filled with snow – ugh – and dealing with business “issues” that, well, I guess it is expected, I am ready to take a time out, grab some bubbly, and regroup. One of the things that I get asked, a LOT, is about my skincare routine. Yes, I know, on a totally different topic but I got a facial on Monday and it just got me thinking that I need to chat about this more. Today, I am sharing my go-to items for facing the winter months hydrated & beautiful. Because your skin should not need to hibernate until the Spring!

It may come as no surprise that I am a stickler about my skin looking stellar! I am, religious, about facials, peels, waxing’s, etc. Trust me, I have not, always, had “amazing” skin. My high school/early college days were no exception for me. It just goes with the puberty territory, for sure. I am extremely lucky to have been blessed with some fabulous European genes. My grandparents were from Poland and their skin (as well as themselves) aged beautifully.

Not only am I focusing on just my facial skincare routine, but I am going the whole 9 yards from head to toe!

Facing The Winter Months Hydrated & Beautiful!

Hair Care

KERATHERAPY Keratin Infused Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque: My hair care routine is just as important as my skincare. I am diligent about getting my hair cut/trimmed every 6 weeks, and keep up with my blonde highlights too. Every 3-4 months, I get the Keratin treatment as an add on. As I have gotten older, my hair has gotten even thicker than it used to be, and courser too! This has been a game changer for less frizz, less BIG HAIR, and much easy to manage, especially since I am keeping it a bit longer. Additionally, I don’t wash my hair everyday; if possible, I go 3-4 before I do a deep clean and add this mask post shampoo (suggested use 1-2 times per week). It hydrates, restores, and just brings the lust back to any dullness/residue that may have built up. And a big misconception – you can, absolutely, use even if you don’t have the Keratin treatment! It simply means that it is free of sulfates which, essentially, strip the hair of natural oils & cause frizz, dullness, and make hair a little drier, and more brittle too! For someone who gets their hair highlighted, it is, extremely, important I stay on top of keep my hair healthy!

Body Care

Eau Thermale Avene “Trixera” Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Cleanser: The Avene line is, hands down, one of the best if your skin is dry, itchy, sensitive, eczema-prone, etc. For some, this is only indicative in the winter months; for others, like myself, this is an all year around occurrence. This soap free shower cleanser is gentle, prevents moisture loss, protects the skin barrier & providing relief to dry, and itchy skin, reduces redness, and aids in healing other hypersensitive skin issues. This product is on rotation with its sister product – Eau Thermale Avène “XeraCalm.” This liquid replenishing oil is a great addition when skin flare ups are at their peak! It’s gentle and calms the itch & redness!  Speaking of Avene, I am going to try a product called “Akerat” that targets those unsightlty red bumps that may appear on the back on your arms or in other places on the body! 

*A really good quality body scrub should be part of your routine! I tend to use a handful of different ones; these 3 are at the top of my list!


Kiehl’s Creme de Corp: This one comes as no surprise since I tout in on the regular! By far, still a fabulous all over body cream that is gentle, melts into your skin, and just a great skin protectant and moisturizer. Fragrance free, and enriched with cocoa butter & beta carotene, it, truly, is one of the best!

Kare MD Skin Health: I work with Dr. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian when I am traveling back and forth to Santa Monica. Check out his bio; beyond impressive! Unfortunately, with 2020 being “2020,” I have not gotten to see him or his team in well over a year. They have helped me, tremendously, with scarring from my youth that has been a cosmetic issue/concern for me. In turn, I do work some fabulous doctors here in Baltimore that help me as well but it is Dr. “Kare” who recommended using a daily retinoid cream & Melarase PM Brightening Night Cream. Both help in reducing the appearance of skin discoloration, improves skin tone, and helps even out damaged skin from the effects of aging.



Paul Scerri: The best skincare line since sliced bread! It is gentle, effective, and it smells AMAZING! I have been using for the last 7-8 years and it has changed how my skin looks & feels. My regime includes the following:


Dermalogica: While some of their products are a little too harsh for my skin, there are handful that I use fairly often! FYI: Their line of chemical peels are awesome too! These include:

  • Pre-cleanse: Just like it says, I use this on post “heavy make-up days” to remove makeup, dirt, and build up before my actual skincare routine.
  • Daily Superfoliant: Amazing to use every single day! While I don’t necessarily use it every day, it is gentle enough and provides amazing results (smooths, brightens, aids in preventing skin aging, and much more! Again, pay attention to how your skin reacts. For me, I cannot exfoliate everyday (too much for my sensitive skin).
  • Hydromasque Exfoliant
  • Intensive Moisture Balance: If wanted to give a little change up to my morning moisturizer, I will use this, especially if feeling hydrated already and don’t want something super heavy!
  • Antioxidant Hydramist Toner: A post skincare finisher, or if you just need a little “oomph” during your day! Perfect when traveling!

Glo Skin Beauty: This is a brand new line, and one I am excited to try. With skin, it should be like introducing anything new – baby steps! I have tried a few samples, which have worked great BUT I am simply starting with their Phyto Active Eye Cream since the last line I used is discontinuing the product!


Emily Treatment Super Dry Skin Soother: With hand washing and sanitizer at an all time high, I don’t know about you but my hands are wrecked! My acupuncturist told me about this all natural line, which was formulated by a Dad with his eczema prone daughter in mind. Not only has it helped my hands BUT it has been a wonderful addition to my all over body care routine too.

As you can see, facing the winter months hydrated & beautiful need not be a challenge! Monitor for changes, stay consistent, and change course (if needed) until you find the right formula for you! Remember, what I have shared are what works for me; everyone is different! FYI: You can shop most of the products I have shared below!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! Here’s to facing the winter months hydrated & beautiful…just like YOU!