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How I Chill


Happy Saturday love, and “Happy National Chill Day!” Seriously, there is a day for pretty much everything! When I came across this today, I knew I had to write about it, mainly because I struggle with taking a time out to chill and really need to work on it in the New Year!

I get asked this question a lot, frankly because all people think that I do is work. Well, that may not be entirely false but I do have to take a step back at times and ask myself “how do I chill?” Things like meditating and yoga have me tapping my fingers, while reading and bubble baths just make me think about all of the other things that I could be doing. Yes, the exact opposite of chill.


Lately, and this may sound a bit “woo woo,” my way of relaxing is to think about “what could be” in the future. As crazy as it sounds, while some parts of it can make me feel anxious, there is a much bigger part of me that starts to feel calm. I don’t know why, especially after what I shared in a recent post, but I just feel more at ease.

I have more hope.

It’s the positive vibes I am putting out into the world.

Okay, and maybe the Chinese herbs my acupuncture therapist has me trying out. Ha! I am kidding – although they have helped with sleep and stress – thinking bigger picture, and going after my dreams, is bringing me to a zen place. And, for now, I am going to continue riding that wave and, one day, hope I take a yoga class and just chill the f%$# out!

Now, let’s talk about this outfit that I am living in as of late! I am not sure what I love more – how comfy and cozy it is OR how trendy and glamorous I feel when wearing it. Yes, you can feel that way in athleisure!

How stinkin’ cute is this Chanel-inspired sweatshirt by Sojara? Their reworked pieces become one of a kind new ones, and their vintage flair is just the perfect touch! This particular version comes in 2 other colors, but I am impartial to the traditional “black and white Chanel.” FYI: There is no affiliation with the Chanel brand! 

And these joggers! Ah, I could live in these every day…and, yes, I know, I could have gotten a MUCH better photo of them!! Although these are, currently, sold out, I am showcasing a few other pairs from Athleta that are just as fabulous and create the same look too!

Similar Looks!


Hope you have a kick ass weekend, filled with productivity or a whole lot of chill – whatever is the best FIT for YOU!