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How I Pack For a Long Weekend Getaway


Greetings love! How are you doing? I feel a bit disconnected from my work over the last couple weeks, so I am hoping to get back into my groove this weekend. I am headed out to Denver, Colorado to take care of my adorable niece, Gully (a French Bulldog) while my sister & brother in law are in Vegas. I do hope this will give me a chance to step away from the whirlwind in Baltimore that has been of late, and get focused on what is most important – my health & well-being and reacquainting myself with business. Btw, if you are looking for a dog sitter I am, probably, not your gal (certain circumstances). Pre-Covid I traveled a LOT and was constantly being asked how I pack for a long weekend getaway, or just a getaway in general. I thought this would be a great time to share some of my favorite travel items that I will be taking with me this upcoming weekend! Time to get excited about being “normal” again!

How I Pack for a Long Weekend Getaway

Denim Jacket: Talk about a staple piece! Not only is it hip, trendy, and fashion forward but it is the perfect weight when temperatures go from Spring to Winter very, very quickly. Plus, you can pair it with just about anything!

Tumi Cord Pouch: Yes, as you know, I am all about being super organized. There is no difference when I travel too! This “pouch” has been an amazing addition to my carry on! All my electronic cords are in one; easy, streamlined, and less of a tangled mess!

Lululemon “Everywhere Belt:” Don’t make fun – these are all the rage! Although I like to refer to them as a “Fanny Pack,” the “Everywhere Belt” is a great twist! They seem so late 80’s early 90’s BUT it is the perfect addition to my athletic attire when I am walking/touring any city!

Joggers: You can dress them up or down, and they are so damn versatile! These have become my favorite pair because they are comfy yet so chic too! Okay, and maybe I get a LOT of compliments on them too!

Trish McEvoy Planner: Simple, sleek, and a great way to travel with your makeup. Add multiple pages for eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and more, and ample pocket storage for brushes and miscellaneous beauty items! While the quilted pattern is their signature, they always have specials they come out with too! I have had everything from leopard to a (current) pink leather. P.S. They come in 2 sizes but I am a HUGE fan of the medium. Let’s face it – go big or go home!

Btw, it should go without saying that this LOOK should be traveled in too! A blog post from earlier this week outlines it all!

Just a few of my favorite things but essential – yes, that’s right, essential – for a long weekend getaway!