My Take On The Mint Julep

April 26, 2021

It’s Monday, but is it Friday or still the weekend? You know how you wake from a deep sleep and feel disoriented and even “wait, where I am, what day is it, omgosh did I oversleep?” Yes, this was me upon waking and I feel like I have been in […]


Muddled Lemon Cocktail

April 15, 2021

I am missing California like WOAH. Yes, you heard me – like WOAH. I am hoping that I am going to be getting back SOON. Like June. Maybe July. Happy Thursday, and “Thirsty Thursday” for that matter. That’s right, I am getting a little boozy today because it just feels […]


Lemon Lover Martini

October 20, 2020

Yes, today’s drink is called “Lemon Lover,” and, yes, I LOVE it. Ha! With Halloween right around the corner, I think it is only appropriate to showcase some adult “candy.” And by candy, I mean beverages. And how “spooky” does this look?!?! I kid! Not spooky, just fabulous! Let me just […]


Wasted Watermelon Cocktails

July 7, 2020

THIS DRINK is the perfect SUMMER cocktail. Yes, I have decided that. I know, this would have been perfect for me to have have posted pre-4th of July BUT I had to beta test, and work out the kinks, before I shared, right? Plus, who says you cannot have watermelon […]