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Tuna Melt Throwback

Would you be a little concerned about me if I said there was a canned tuna on the grocery store shelves that, literally, has changed my life? Well, I guess you SHOULD be concerned because, SERIOUSLY, there is a canned tuna that has been a game changer for both my taste buds and my wallet! Ha! 

As a foodie, I am not only trying to find the BEST eats out there but I am also a product snob too. I LOVE to cook with the latest and greatest, as well as the cleanest, for my health and wellness goals. With this, though, as I am sure you can understand, comes with a higher price tag too. For example, the tuna I am about to share with you – yes, the life-changing tuna – comes with a price tag of about $4. This is a far cry from some brands that are charging anywhere from $1.00-$1.50 but, it is a matter of choice, preference, likes, and what is, ultimately, Fit4You!

I kept seeing so many foodies and food bloggers tout the brand Wild Planet Foods on their social media feeds and blogs that I had to follow suit and try it out myself. And, let’s just say, there has been no turning back! Yes, it is worth the $4 price! I repeat, IT IS WORTH THE $4 PRICE TAG!

The Albacore Wild Tuna is sustainably pole & line caught, which means it is 100% REAL tuna. I always get the kind that is in water, and with “no salt added,” but, again, that is my preference. If oil is your thing, go for it! While I have not tried their other canned fish – I have a hard time with salmon in a can and I totally loathe anchovies – I was recently given a sample of their Organic Roasted Chicken which was FABULOUS. Be prepared, though, this price tag is closer to $8! BUT, another great option when chicken salad is on my mind, but no leftover chicken is in the fridge! Plus, CONVENIENCE is huge too!

Tuna salad has become a weekly staple in my lunch rotation over the past few months. It is a little more cost effective to purchase the tuna in “bulk” (i.e. 12) than individually. Some grocery stores will bundle but I find the best deal to be through Amazon; it comes out to a little over $3 a can when you purchase 12 at a time.

wild planet tuna

This week, I decided I wanted to change it up a bit. Sure, I can become a creature of habit with my eating, especially when I find something I like but, with the weather getting cooler, I wanted something with a little more heartiness. For some reason, I had this “idea” of re-creating one of my childhood food memories – the “Tuna Melt.” I guess I am feeling a little nostalgic these days. Honestly, it’s not something that I had a lot, but it is something I would eat when I was at my cousin’s house. We always knew it was a special day when we saw the tomato and cheese coming out with the tuna accoutrements! Those were the simpler days.

This is exactly what I recreated! 

One of the main ingredients I used – beyond the tuna- definitely sets the tuna melt game apart. This, coupled with a coconut flour bread, I tried gave it 5 stars in my book & taste buds!

And I was really excited to use my new dishes from Pottery Barn that I got last week. Hurry, there may be some still in stores and online; a ridiculous sale is happening! Heads up, the plates were under $4! And I, NEVER, seem to get anything on sale!

While there are no set measurements to my “Tuna Melt” inspiration, I have shared what I used to jazz up this childhood throwback and made it pretty damn tasty. Remember, there are no food rules; eat what you like, and tweak – and twerk (ha) – for your goals!



P.S. Even though it may appear this way, I am by no means “strict” Paleo!

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