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Letting My Guard Down


Happy, Happy Thursday! Another week is almost in the books! Can you believe this time next week it will be November?!?! Oh, and can you believe that I DID NOT win the mega millions on Tuesday? I thought that was money in the bank – LITERALLY – although rumor has it the jackpot is, still, around 750 million. LOL, I really have not been following it except what I overheard on the news this morning. On a different note, today I am talking about letting my guard down.

I still feel like I am coming off my California hangover. Since being home, things have been moving fast and, honestly, I have not felt 100%. Have you ever just had that general “ick” feeling? I mean, my sleep is a mess (AGAIN), daily headaches, lethargic, stomach feeling “ugh,” workouts are few and far between, and, well, I have just not felt myself. While I have a pretty good idea as to why I am feeling the way I am – for another discussion – this train has to keep moving, right? I will get back on my game. Hopefully, sooner rather than later! I have a LOT of awesome stuff in the works, including the possibility of hiring a hair & makeup team (my dream is coming true). See, it’s the little things! And, seriously, LOTS of goof stuff coming down the pike!

I did want to share with you something that transpired between one of my clients and I. In fact, it affected me so much that I could not help but put it out there for you to hear. I like to think of it as being part of the “letting my guard down” process.

Earlier this week, I mentioned on social media how I am dabbling back into the personal training arena. While I never really “left,” I had slowly started to pull myself out of the trenches so I could focus on some of the bigger picture tasks for both my blog and 2 Health Nuts. With finances tight, you do what you have to do sometimes; and this meant, getting back to my roots, at least for the time being. I was referred to this client by a current client of mine, and our first meeting was last Friday. For those who have worked with me know that I am all about getting to know my client’s history, family, likes, interests, etc. It can be scary, and daunting, to hire a personal trainer. Frankly, it is very personal. My goal is to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible be removing the intimidation factor!

Needless to say, after Day 2 this past Tuesday, I felt like I had known this client FOREVER. And, as I got in my car, post-session, I could not help but have tears in my eyes. Although I am paraphrasing a bit here, before I left, she said the following to me:

“Janine, I think we are going to have an awesome relationship. Anyone who is lucky enough to have you in their life is lucky. You are a wonderful individual, adorable, beautiful, and will make a great wife/Mom/provider for your family in the future.”

I think what struck me the most was the fact that she could pick up on this from only 2 sessions. Am I, finally letting my guard down? I associate it to Amanda Woods in the movie “The Holiday.” If you have seen it, she talks about how she hasn’t cried since she was a child. When she finally finds true love, and real happiness, well, you will just have to watch the movie. P.S. It is my absolute favorite!

Yes, I know that I do keep things “buttoned up,” but it was reassuring to know that I am starting to shift/pivot my emotions. I know, I am way too hard on myself and should not give A.F. but I do! I am quite the work in progress, and I am trying, every single day, to break down those walls that have protected me, for the past few years.

Letting your guard down – scary and exciting all at the same time. 


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