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A Wardrobe Essential

Good Morning love! Happy Saturday (and weekend for that matter) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fabulous, gorgeous, and amazing Mom! Honestly, there are not enough adjectives to go around about the person that she is, and the infinite qualities that make her the BEST Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc.! Mom, I hope you have […]

Feeling Casual Chic


Happy Friday Gorgeous! Omgosh, it’s MOVING DAY for me and let’s just say the one emotion I will be happy to say goodbye to is the added stress & overwhelming feeling of packing, unpacking, and so forth. Stay tuned to my Instastories as I give some behind the scenes today of the FUN! Ha! Did […]

Stop Taking Everything So Seriously


Happy, Happy Monday, and April 19th! Is it me, or does it seem that time is just flying by!?!? It’s crazy that it is almost the end of the month and I cannot WAIT for some warmer weather, a little less rain, and looking forward to, finally, be settled into my new place. For someone […]

Bevy Flog: One Pant, 10 Styles


*This post is in collaboration with the fabulous Sassanova Boutique in Baltimore, MD! Happy Wednesday love! I have a feeling this is going to be a great day, and I am not just talking about the weather being near 60. Spring, you are feeling oh so close! It is going to be a FABULOUS day […]

Shop Local, Shop Gorgeous Jewelry

Gorgeous Jewelry Butterfly2

Good Morning, and HAPPY SUNDAY gorgeous! How has your weekend been so far? Although I did not visit a pumpkin patch, it seems that was the trending theme for a LOT of people I chatted with. Okay, maybe I overheard while getting my nails done a couple days ago. It’s that and everyone seems to […]

Why You Need This Cheetah Dress


You know, just getting a little “wild” on this last Monday in August. Yes, as we head into September, it’s time to think about those Fall fashion looks. Right now, animal prints are all the rage, and I have found a cheetah dress that is so gorgeous I am encouraging you to get one in […]

Why Hand Painted Denim Is Fabulous


Yes, you read right – hand painted denim – and I cannot tout this local, Baltimore artist’s work enough! More on that in a moment! First, why hello there Wednesday, how nice to see you again! I have one request though – take the heat and humidity and go back where you came from please! Sincerely, […]

What Happens When Life Happens


Happy Thursday Love! Hope your week has looked a tad bit different than last week’s. I know mine has included a LOT more sitting in front of the computer – launching 2 online wellness programs for 2 Health Nuts requires a lot of Facebook navigating – and just taking it one day at a time. Since […]

Building Brands, Entrepreneurship, & Social Media Marketing


Howdy! Happy Monday to you! How are you? Hanging in – literally? Another week with a shelter in place; another week to continue trusting the process, staying informed yet not letting the media/social media consume you or your mindset, and just looking forward to brighter days filled with sunshine, normalcy, and getting a manicure, pedicure, […]

Holiday’s at Harbor East


Why, Thursday, you are HERE and I am, currently, on the train headed to NYC for the day. I briefly shared, yesterday, that I am en route to the BIG APPLE to put together 7 days worth of content over the course of 10 hours. This includes 4 wardrobe changes and 8 venues for which […]