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Season’s of Love at Greenspring Station

Janine Sit with Coat

Happy Thursday Love! Hope your day is filled with all things “Merry,” “Bright,” and “Fit4You.” Today will be filled with a whole lot of cheer; I will be headed downtown to check out the Mt. Vernon Washington Monument Lighting, and then over to 34th Street in Hampden for some Christmas pictures. ‘Tis The Season for all […]

Tacos & Tequila at La Food Marketa


T U E S D A Y…is it Friday yet? And what is worse is that I woke up with that gross feeling in my throat that usually means I am overdoing it and “I better pull back the reigns before this turns into a full blown sickness.” Ugh. And I hardly, ever, get sick. […]

Dining at Bar Clavel

Bar Clavel Tacos

Whoop whoop! Gotta love how it is TUESDAY again, and we all know that that means!!! Anyone else a little gaga over a REALLY good craft cocktail and some authentic, “no junk,” Mexican cuisine? Umm, it has my vote! This week, I am chatting about a restaurant that I have already touted many times before […]

I Got Through It


Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering “okay, what day is it” and “where am I?” That is kind of what it felt like today, and I am not just “blaming” it on the fact that my alarm went off at 4:00 am. Ugh, I know – gross how early! I used to be […]

Holiday Weekend Vibes


Happy Labor Day Monday love and, okay, how is it already September 3rd? I hope your long, Holiday weekend has been nothing short of FABULOUS! To be honest, I feel like I have been in a constant state of sleep deprivation this weekend, and maybe a l,fitness/?tags=Wellness%20Life,%20Fitnessittle wine haze too, LOL. Can you relate?  The […]

Party Favorites – Soft, Mild, & Cured!


Ooh, it’s Sunday Funday of a long weekend! Hope you are doing something SUPER FUN, and I hope it includes indulging in some YUMMY food, spending time with loved ones, and maybe throwing a good party. Can I just say, though, I am a bit spent from all of the partying? I know, WHAT?!?! This […]

The Best Day Ever – A Throwback to My Sister’s Big Day!

In the words of Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, “well, she DID it, and now it is time party!”And, boy, did we party! I may still be in a “best day ever” hangover. Yes, my sister said “I Do” (almost) 2 weeks ago in what was a Wedding that was FIT for both her […]

My Beautiful Mess


Well, hello again Monday! It never ceases to amaze me how quick the weekends roll, and how I have the hardest time recalling what I ACTUALLY did when someone asks! I always come back with a “it must not have been that exciting if I am having a hard time remembering.” I can tell you […]