Living In Athleisure

August 29, 2021

Good Sunday Morning to you and yours! I hope your day is filled with nothing less than positive, good vibes, and spending these last few weeks of Summer doing something FUN! It’s crazy we are headed into September this week, and the “back to school” routines are in full swing! […]


Reset to Workout

June 5, 2021

Oh Baltimore, you are so steamy, I mean dreamy, today. Okay, really steamy! I am thinking it is going to be a big hair, don’t care kind of day. Hope your weekend is off to an amazing start and you are staying cool! Today’s blog post is two-fold; while I […]


Virtual Personal Training

March 24, 2021

Good Morning from a very rainy, and humid, Baltimore! My hope is that this rain is going to wash away some of the pollen that has been aggravating the heck out of my allergies. That, coupled with working through a nasty sinus infection, and, well, I am feeling so very […]


Feeling Body Confident

March 13, 2021

You want to know what is better than waking up & it being a Saturday? Waking up close to 7:00 am to a beautiful sunny morning! Yes, these are small “wins” that just make me happy. As I have said many times before, my sleep really sucks so when I […]


Under 30 Minute Workouts

February 3, 2021

When you have thrown snow into the mix, and your schedule gets turned upside, the days seem to go even quicker. Case in point – its Wednesday already (and February 3rd). Hey, the quicker we can get through February, the better! In the social media world, “Wednesday’s” seem to elicit […]


Why Wellness Is My Love Language

January 13, 2021

What’s up Wednesday; how are you on this glorious hump day?!?! We are midway through the week and, well, how are you doing?  Today, I want to talk about why wellness is my “love language” – but first, there is something I need to share. I have not made any […]


The Commitment to Yourself in 2021

January 1, 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Finally, we made it to 2021 and, now, let’s hope for nothing but health, happiness, positive vibes, and so much more! With it being the start of a brand new year, it is a clean slate to start anew – personally, professionally, physical, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, […]


Changing Course For The Better

August 4, 2020

Happy Tuesday, and I hope wherever you are reading this from you are staying SAFE amongst Hurricane Isaias. While Baltimore is only see more of a tropical storm, it is still a force of nature, and the whole sideways rain, and crazy wind, is just NOT COOL. Talk about changing […]


Keeping It Zipped Up

March 25, 2020

Hey there! How are you? Hope you are staying home, staying healthy, and staying safe. It is some crazy times we are living in right now, huh? Although I feel like a broken record, I am a firm believer on trusting the process, and staying informed, but not letting the […]


A Tie Dye For Workout Tee

March 18, 2020

Are you the same as me? Not wanting to put the news on anymore? Ah, talk about a CRAZY and, yes, unprecedented time, and my heart goes out to all of these small businesses that rely on the day to day sales to keep their doors open, keep merchandise flowing, […]