Those Christmas Eve “Last Minute” Gifts

December 24, 2020

Good morning gorgeous…and Merry Christmas Eve! Wow, it’s HERE! I have even seen the messages on “Google” showing that you can track Santa’s travel. Technology – AMAZING! I don’t how to put this without sounding like I am contradicting myself but I am going with it. Today, I am sharing […]


A BEAUTY-FUL Christmas!

December 17, 2020

Hi there gorgeous! How are you on this BEAUTY-FUL Thursday? In Baltimore, we are digging out for a snow/ice event that started yesterday, and ended early this morning. Snow is one thing; ice is another…and people who are not comfortable with driving in it should not be on the road!!! […]


Baltimore, And My Favorite Christmas Traditions!

December 14, 2020

I think a title that sounds a lot more like a Hallmark Christmas movie would be “Christmas in Baltimore.” I am not feeling that sappy today peeps! Hope you are having a great Monday so far…and how is it the 14th?!?! I am, almost, done with my wrapping, and there […]


An Amazon Christmas!

December 11, 2020

Who else is having an Amazon Christmas?!?! There is something so convenient about Amazon – click, add to cart, card on file, BAZINGA! Seriously, I know there are peeps who do all of their shopping via this site and I give you props! You either love Amazon or you can […]


We Are Going Christmas Shopping!

December 1, 2020

What a fabulous day to kick of my “19 Days of Christmas” series! Not only is it December 1st BUT it is the launch of my BRAND NEW BLOG! If you are reading this right now, you have landed on fit4janine.com…and I am SO HAPPY that you are here! And […]


Black Friday Deals of 2020

November 27, 2020

Are you still in a turkey coma? I may still be in a wine coma…:) Yes, I am not going to sugar coat it peeps. It is what it is, and I like what I like. And, yes, the food was downright yummy too! Hard to believe another Thanksgiving is […]

john fluevog

Velvet & Chartreuse: The Season’s Hottest Duo

November 1, 2020

Why good morning Sunday…and November 1st…and an extra hour of sleep! Wow, a lot of hands in the air for today! Just like that, we are in a new month, the Halloween decorations are being put away, and now it is time to get our MERRY on for the Holiday […]


Lit Up Like a Crystal Ball

December 14, 2019

S A T U R D A Y. I don’t know which day felt worse; Thursday into Friday when I only got 2 hours of sleep OR last night into this morning where I slept my face off and definitely did not want to wake up when the alarm sounded. […]


To Chill and Feel Fabulous

December 13, 2019

Morning! Oh man, I am in a New York City hangover! While I knew yesterday would be intense, I really had no idea the toll and exhaustion it would take. Not to mention I arrived home around 1:15 am, asleep around 2:15 am, and was up before the sun rose […]


Holiday’s at Harbor East

December 12, 2019

Why, Thursday, you are HERE and I am, currently, on the train headed to NYC for the day. I briefly shared, yesterday, that I am en route to the BIG APPLE to put together 7 days worth of content over the course of 10 hours. This includes 4 wardrobe changes […]